About Ironwood Media Solutions


Ironwood has extensive experience creating data driven web-based applications. Beyond a standard website is a true "web application". Whether you need a simple password protection section for your current site, an e-commerce solution or an application to run and manage your entire business via a web-based application, Ironwood Media Solutions can help.

Does your company want to change your data from one system to another (e.g. moving from MicroSoft Access to MS SQL Server)? Or does your company currently have a desktop application that you'd like to convert to a web-based application? Ironwood can do it! Although "Out-of-the-box" solutions are great and inexpensive they rarely fit your business - instead you're forced to make your business fit the application. With a web-based application, we make the software work the way your business does.

Here are some of the most common reasons that companies move to web-based applications for solving their business issues:

  • Applications are available from anywhere in the world
  • Applications are built for you, for how YOU do business
  • Web-based applications run on a server allowing them to run on any internet accessible computer
  • Applications can be quickly changed to reflect your ever changing business
  • Information can be adapted to a public website so your customers can see parts of your data if you choose. (i.e. e-commerce, job statuses or reports of their past history with your company)